Expert Tree Services

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Our company has been in the tree removal business since 1994 with Chris Lambert running the show.  Chris has many years of experience with tree removal is is looking forward to working for you. 

Although tree removal should be a last resort, we are fully prepared to help you safely remove any tree.

  • Technical Take-Down - Use of Bucket truck or Crane, depending upon the site.
  • Complete Removal - a complete removal includes grinding the stump & getting rid of the debris so you don't have to.
  • Selective Clearing - For property that will have construction work, we can help remove only the trees that should be taken down instead of all the trees being knocked over by a bulldozer!
  • Storm Damage - When high winds and storms hit, we are there to help you! Our facility is prepared for emergency tree removals or repairs.
  • Stump Removals - We can remove any stump, big or small. We have portable walk-behind units as well as larger stump grinders to handle any job. Our Field Coordinators organize each job according to the customer's needs!
Best landscaper in North Carolina - not because I have tried them all, but because after experiencing their services, nobody can compare!
— Satisfied Customer, NC