Tips To Help Your Backyard



Starting in June we will need to keep a close eye on our flowers.  With increased tempuratures comes increased water consumption.  We will also want to keep an eye on the soil nutrient levels.  If your flowers are looking a bit weak, give our office a call to ask about sprayable fertilizers.  If you are interested is adding flowers this month, there are only a few that you can. Email if you are interested in adding some color this summer! 

Post-Emergent Herbicides

At this point during the year, we may see some of those winter weeds lingering in your lawn.  One of the best and fastest ways to get rid of them is to apply a selective herbicide.  If the temperatures are in the upper 60's and lower 70's this is the optimum range for herbicide effectiveness.  As the year progresses and temperatures get into the 80's and beyond, the ability to use herbicides on your lawn is drastically reduced and even eliminated all together.  If you want us to come and apply these selective herbicides to your lawn, give our office and call and we will keep an eye on the weather to see what we can do.  


If your irrigation system is not up and running, let us know, we can take care of the right away. We will be glad to come and get things going for you.  However, if your system is up and running, we will want to increase the water budget, or ammount of water per week.  Often we start up irrigation systems when there is less demand for water and as the year progress and the temperatures rise, we need to adjust the amount of water our irrigation systems put out each cycle.  This summer we should be running around 100-120% on a fescue lawn.  If you want to have our technicians come out and adjust your irrigation, call our office.  Thanks!


The summer is a good time to catch any of that pruning that did not get done in may.  Also, since the growing season is beginning to slow down, it is a great time to trip shrubs into the shape you want them to be in.  June is one of the best times to prune any form of pine tree as the new growth called the "candle" receives pruning very well.  Also, if you have any large trees that need pruning call our office as we are able to remove whatever you need.       

Outdoor Living Areas

Imagine yourself sitting on a deck in your back yard enjoying a warm tall glass of sweet tea as the wind moves through the flowers and the trees.  This could be a deck, patio, retaining wall, sidewalk, outdoor kitchen, or any other area for you to enjoy outside.  As fall moves closer, how much would you enjoy sitting outside with a cup of coffee watching the leaves turn radiant red, yellow and orange.  We would love to create for you one of these outdoor living spaces.  Call our office for an estimate and design ideas.