We offer Landscaping, Lawn/Property Maintenance, Small and Large Projects, Sod, Rock Walls, Patios, Hardscapes, Softscapes, Outdoor Lighting, Irrigation and more.    

On paper most Landscape and Grounds Maintenance companies appear to be the same.

We all cut grass, weed beds, trim shrubs and trees and promise to keep lawns green and healthy during the summer months.  So price is often appears to be the only differentiating factor.

However, despite apparent similarities, not all Landscape and Grounds Maintenance companies are created equal. The results achieved, and service levels provided between contractors varies widely. Driving through any professionally serviced residential or commercial area provides plenty of evidence--some sites look great, others significantly less so, and behind the scenes some customers are happy, others are not.

The grounds care industry is an unregulated trade. That means there's no requirement for compulsory training or formal education, and professional association membership is no guarantee an individual contractor knows what they're doing.  The reality is anyone with a few pieces of equipment, and a means to transport them can call themselves a Landscape or Grounds Care company and undertake to build or maintain sites costing many thousands of dollars. There are also few guarantees.

Carolina Outdoor Care is unique.



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